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Please note: 1. All personal cheques cashed at a rate of 12% and therefore willl be different to the amount quoted 2. Rates may vary slightly depending on store

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Get your cash

If our requirements are met, we will cash it for you and give you the money straight away, minus a percentage of the cheque and a handling fee.

Lots of people still receive cheques every day and need to cash them. We accept all kinds of cheques from personal (which is a cheque from another person), wages cheques and solicitors cheques. We cash 99% of cheques in-store in minutes. 

If it is the first time you are using The Money Shop to cash a cheque and if your cheque is over £100 you can cash your first cheque at a reduced rate of just 3.99%**! Just download the voucher below, print it off and bring it in-store. 

Download your voucher below: 


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