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Unsecured loans from The Money Shop

Personal unsecured loans are a good way to ensure you can make payments on bills you have outstanding or to fund any unforeseen expenses. Such expenses are far more common than any of us think, but even with the best budgeting or with regular saving we can still unable to pay up immediately. A personal loan that is quick to apply for and is affordable, like the ones offered via the Money Shop, are a good alternative to approaching a bank or family or friends for help. 

There are times that all of us come into financially difficult times. Unforeseen costs tend to have an annoying habit of coming all at once, making one pay cheque stretch from one month to the next can be difficult. There are times, then, that we may need to borrow money. However, doing so can be done in a number of ways – from asking a friend or family member for a short term cash injection to going to the bank to ask for a loan.

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Getting an unsecured personal loan is an option that falls somewhere in between. Applying for a personal loan at The Money Shop is quick, but it is a contractual agreement like an arrangement agreed with a bank. In our guide to personal loans, we more definitively define what one is as well as outline why you may need a personal loan. Doing so can help you fully understand the world of unsecured personal loans so that you can decide whether they are a good option for you or not.

Personal loan questions:

What you need to know before you apply.

A personal loan is another term for unsecured loan. It is when you borrow money from an entity or lender, with the agreement that you will pay that money back over time. In that agreement you set out how long that period of time will be and how many instalments you will need to pay the money back.

Importantly, it will state what the interest rate is on the loan. An interest rate is how much a lender charges you for lending you money. It means that the amount of money you pay back will be higher than the actual amount that you borrow. The lower the interest rate the less you have to pay back, so the higher the interest rate the more you have to pay back.

Additionally, it will often be the case that the longer you have to pay off the loan, the more you have to pay back as lenders charge interest continuously. That means that each day that you have not paid back their money in full, they can charge you a fee according to the remaining balance left outstanding on your account.

One of the biggest advantages to a personal loan is that you get all the money you need from the outset, which can help you cover the costs and expenses that you need to pay now. Plus, depending on the agreement you come to with the lender, by spreading the cost of the loan over a certain amount of time, you should be able to find terms that are affordable to you – whilst also meeting those other expanses on time.

As briefly alluded to above, many of us experience times where money is tight. Despite our best budgeting efforts, unforeseen expenses that come out of nowhere mean that we cannot make ends meet with our income from our job.

Many of us will have been in a situation where our boiler breaks down just at the same time that our car needs to go into the garage to be fixed. Either circumstance is an expensive ordeal to sort out, the two of them together can mean having to make payments on an expensive credit card or taking out lines of credit with the garage which are unaffordable.

Now, in the wake of COVID19 restrictions meaning that many of us have lost our jobs or are trying to get by with much reduced earnings, a personal loan may be a good way of seeing you through until times are a little easier.

Unsecured, personal loans via the Money Shop can be a big help to those who find themselves in such a predicament – or any other circumstance where money is tight for whatever reason.

The reason being is that we provide quick answers to any applications for a personal loan with our broker partner’s panel of lenders. It means that applicants can find out instantly if their application has been successful or not and receive funds within the hour to a bank account. It means that any short-term and immediate expense that needs paying off quickly can be done so with help of The Money Shop.

Our partner’s panel of lenders even consider applicants who have previously had a bad credit history because they understand that a bad credit history can be such an easy thing to suffer from – despite best intentions. Some of us may have a bad credit history simply because we have missed one or two payments on a credit card bill – or some of us may even have a bad credit history as we have not had a credit card long enough. Or, it could simply be because you have not registered on the electoral role. These are all things that can affect your credit rating, which is looked at closely to decide whether you are still an eligible customer – in a way that some banks do not.

Applying for an unsecured loan is easy with The Money Shop. All you need to do is go through the steps on our website which will ask you questions to ensure that you meet our eligibility criteria (see below). We’ll come back to you with a fast decision once you have submitted your details and, if a lender on our partner’s panel accepts your application, they can send you the funds to your chosen account within an hour.

The terms and conditions on an unsecured loan vary from loan to loan, person to person, provider to provider. You need to ensure that, before you accept a loan, that you are comfortable with the terms and conditions. Lenders always ensure that their loans are affordable to our customers, but you do need to meet the regular payments to make sure that they remain affordable to you without interest adding up.

Lenders will often allow customers to pay off the loan sooner than the schedule outlines. It means that you can materially reduce the amount of interest you pay on our loan and become debt free more quickly too. If you are able to repay our loan with your next pay cheque, you can even pay it off in full in one swift payment. Many will refer to such a loan as a payday loan as it can help bridge the gap between two pay cheques.

Importantly, lenders often set you up with an account which means that you can keep an eye on your payment schedule and how much of your loan you have left until it is paid off. It means that they provide our customers with full control of their finances as we offer them a means to keep an eye on their spending. It is here that you can make any extra payments you wish, reducing the life of your loan so you do not have to pay more interest than you want to.

Overall, providing affordable terms and conditions on loans is important to us. We do not want our customers to be locked into an unsecured loan with us that is impossible for them to pay off given their circumstances and income.

We have a few eligibility criteria for unsecured loans that we need our applicants to meet before we can find a suitable loan. They are:

  • You must be over 18
  • You must be a UK resident
  • You must not be bankrupt
  • You must have a steady income
  • You must have a bank account with a debit card