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The Scheme of Arrangement deadline of 9th April 2020 has now passed and ICL will no longer be accepting any new claims.

If you need any help, please email us at or call our Helpline on 0203 901 7440. You can find out more information about the Scheme of Arrangement on our main website or in the Scheme Document HERE.

FAQs were updated on 11th June 2020

We will start writing out to claimants in June and all decisions will be sent out by the end of October 2020.

If your claim is successful, you will find out your cash payment dividend in January 2021, and payment will be made by May 2021.

A dividend is a share of the fixed amount of money in our Redress Fund split fairly across all customers whose claims we uphold under the Scheme. As we’ve explained in other communications, it’s likely that customers who are entitled to redress will receive only a proportion of their Potential Redress amount.

Once we know the total amount of compensation we need to pay to everyone, we will be able to work out what your Payable Scheme Claim will be under the rules of the Scheme.

The latest copy of our Quarterly Report can be found HERE. This shows what our current p/£ projection is likely to be.

Your loans will be assessed against a number of different affordability and sustainability criteria held on ICL systems. We will review the following to decide if your claim should be upheld:

  • Your loan value as a proportion of your reported income;
  • The total time you held your loan with ICL and the number of loans you had.
  • The type of loan you took out with ICL.

The Scheme of Arrangement has now closed; no further claims will be considered under the Scheme after the 9th April 2020.

If you have already made a claim in the Portal, and wish to view your file, check for any updates or amend your contact information, please click HERE, or use the Claims Portal button on our home page.

For all registered claims, we will keep in touch by email to let you know if there are any changes to your claim status.

Your Reference Code is shown at the top left of any letters we have sent about the Scheme, and in the body of any emails. It will always be eight numbers or letters separated by a dash:

       for example: A1B2-C3D4

If you’re not sure whether you’ve found the right code, give us a call on 020 3901 7440 or email us at and we will check for you.

Call our Helpline 020 3901 7440 and one of our team will try to help. If you can have your Reference Code (see Q5) to hand when you call, that will help to speed up the process.

Yes, we will remove any upheld loans from your credit file. This will be completed once you have received your outcome to your claim, but may take around 8 weeks to change.


If you do not agree with your claim outcome, you will be given 30 days to Appeal the decision and send your case to an Independent Adjudicator who will review your appeal response and full lending history.

The payment you receive will be considerably smaller than your accepted claim amount. This is because it is expected that the total value of all upheld claims received will significantly exceed the money available to be shared out.

Any payment to successful claimants will be made to the bank details completed on your Claim Reference within the Claims Portal. You are able to update these bank details at any time, and we will notify you when we plan to make your payment.

You can update your bank details at any time on the Claims Portal. You can also call our Helpline or email if you need any assistance.

The opportunity to submit a claim has passed

Do not give details of your claim to anyone who approaches you, alleging that he or she work for ICL or otherwise. If you do require assistance, or are unsure as to the validity of any correspondence, you have received please contact the us via our Helpline or

Ignore them. A third party will not be able to obtain a larger claim amount for you. We treat all claims with the same process.

Do not give your bank details or details of your claim to third parties you believe will act inappropriately towards your claim.

Once we have confirmed the outcome of your claim, if eligible, we will explain the upheld claim process. Here you will be required to fill in your bank details within your claim Portal, once you have accepted your outcome.

Your bank details will be held on file until we are able to make your payment, and will be destroyed safely once completed. For more information please view our Privacy Policy HERE.

Any claims that were still open with the Financial Ombudsman Service as of 19th July 2019, have been automatically included within the Scheme.

Due to the Scheme of Arrangement, the FOS do not have our authority to review any claims towards irresponsible Lending. All Claims can be Appealed and an Independent Adjudicator will review and provide a final outcome.

As the Scheme has now closed, we will no longer classify further claims as valid

No, the FSCS do not cover claims under consumer credit agreements. See