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The Money Shop is a registered trading name of New Horizons Finance Limited, which is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Flux Funding Limited, who are a credit broker not a lender. Loan repayment terms are between 3 and 36 months.

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Cash loans can range anywhere between £50 up to £5,000, depending on your needs and eligibility. They are a popular type of loan due to their convenience and flexibility, making them ideal for emergencies. With a cash loan, you can be approved the same day, so you won’t have to wait long to get the cash.

Before you set out to apply for a cash loan, this guide covers all the important facts. You’ll get the lowdown on a cash loan example and how The Money Shop specifically can assist you with this type of loan.

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How does a cash loan work?

If you’ve never taken out a cash loan before, you’re likely wondering how the process works. As with other loans, you’ll have to submit your information to the lender before being approved. Certain factors will impact your overall eligibility for a fast cash loan, such as demonstrating that you can afford the repayments. When you have been approved for a loan through one of our lenders, you can even receive your cash on the same day. All you need to do is keep up with your repayments over the loan term.

Your questions, answered

It’s easy to apply for a cash loan from The Money Shop:

  • Visit The Money Shop’s website and click to start the cash loan application process
  • Enter your details as requested
  • Submit the information 
  • Wait for your decision. Most of the time, this is instant
  • Get paid cash directly

When you take out a cash loan (or payday loan) through our partner’s panel of lenders, you will agree to a repayment schedule that works for you. Depending on the amount you have borrowed, this could be a loan term of anywhere between three to 36 months. Lenders expect you to make the repayments on time, including interest, to avoid any extra fees incurred due to late or missed payments.

You will be required to undergo a credit check to be approved for a cash loan. With The Money Shop, our partner’s panel of lenders use soft search technology so our checks won’t impact your credit score. 

Cash loans are a safe option if you’re in financial difficulty so long as you can afford the repayments. When you submit your application to us at The Money Shop, our broker partner only uses the information in the way that you have agreed. Lenders will carry out a credit check and affordability checks to assess whether one of their short-term loan options could work for you.

Not all people choose cash loans when there is a suitable alternative because the interest rates on such loans can be high. There is a cap on interest rates for instant cash loans, though you are expected to pay higher fees than with other loan types. However, on the plus side, cash loans are particularly helpful and can be the only option in an emergency financial situation.

One of the most appealing things about cash loans is how quickly you can receive the money. From the speediness of the application process to the convenience of being paid in cash, there are many perks to these loans. If you choose to take a cash loan out via The Money Shop, you’ll receive an instant decision and can even be paid the loan in cash on the same day.

Cash loans are paid directly into your bank.

If you don’t make a payment on time, you could be charged a late payment fee. We strongly advise that you inform the lender if you can’t make a repayment at the earliest possible point. In most cases, lenders will understand and be able to offer further flexibility where needed.

Here are just a few of the reasons people choose cash loans:

  • You need cash help asap and cannot wait around for lengthy decision-making
  • You have an emergency that requires same-day attention
  • You cannot take out another type of loan due to your circumstances
  • You’ve already reached the limit on your bank overdraft
  • You’re short of cash before next payday

If you’re ready to apply for a cash loan today and would like to receive the cash today, too, get started with our simple application process. Once you’ve submitted your information to us, our partner’s panel of lenders provide you with a same-day decision, unlike other types of loans. 

At The Money Shop, we introduce customers to a range of options when they apply for cash loans. If you need to borrow £2,000 over ten months and are eligible, you could even receive the cash on the same day from one of the lenders on our partner’s panel. When you are in a stressful money situation and don’t have many other reliable options, a cash loan via The Money Shop could be the answer. 

When you take out a cash loan, you can use the funds as you wish. Whether you have to pay off that big car repairs bill or you need some extra cash to fix the roof, a cash loan is a great option. We make the application for cash loans through The Money Shop as easy as possible for every applicant. You can even apply from your mobile phone!

When you apply for a cash loan through The Money Shop, you will receive an almost instant decision from our broker partner’s panel of lenders. That’s because we recognise just how important it is to find a solution for your financial issue. We advise you to review all the information you are presented with before agreeing to take out a cash loan. This will include details about the loan terms, repayments, fees (including interest), missed or late payments, financial implications, and more.

If you don’t think this type of loan is for you, don’t worry. There are plenty of alternatives to cash loans with similar principles behind them. 

Payday loans
Another handy loan type that many people turn to in difficult financial situations is a payday loan. To be eligible for this type of loan, you must demonstrate that you can make the repayment agreed upon. The loan will always be paid back to the lender on your payday, as the loan title suggests. Payday loans are paid into your bank rather than cash which differentiates the two. There are also slight differences in interest rates which you should expect, and some lenders charge fees for payday loans.

Bank overdraft
Another alternative to a cash loan could be a bank overdraft if you can add one to your bank account. Overdrafts come in many shapes and forms, and depending on your needs, you could choose a higher overdraft over a lower one.

Like that of loans, overdrafts do come with interest rates and fees when left in the minus. Therefore, you must identify whether an overdraft could be beneficial before agreeing with your bank. If you miss payments or stay in your overdraft for a long period, you could end up putting yourself into further debt along the line.

If you feel that you have all the information you need on taking out a cash loan through The Money Shop, you can get started with your application right away by visiting our website. We understand that everything can be a little overwhelming for many people who haven’t applied for a cash loan in the past. With so many different loan options out there, it’s important that you feel confident that a cash loan is for you. We can answer any queries or concerns you may have about cash loans and even assist with the application process itself!