420 recipes to feed your family for under £5

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Thanks to heavy supermarket discounts and the likes of Aldi and Lidl, feeding your family doesn't have to be a choice of high prices for high quality, or low prices for poor quality food anymore.

Additionally, a lot of the money we spend on food is essentially thrown away, with over £13bn worth of edible food binned by UK households. That’s a huge £470 per household that could be avoided with some planning and self-discipline.

Family meals for a fiver or less just take a little planning ahead (and fighting the urge to get a ready meal in after a hard day’s work).

Before we get to the recipes themselves, here are a few tips to help keep your family meals to £5 or less…

  • Plan your week’s meals ahead of time to save on waste.
  • Do a weekly shop rather than daily grazing to keep costs down.
  • Cook in batches and use your freezer to store future meals.
  • Fight the urge to get a ready meal or takeaway – the effort is in getting started, once you do it all feels a lot easier.

Here are 424 tasty recipes for less than £5 per sitting. That’s enough ideas to feed your family a different meal every day for over a year!

Goodtoknow’s 150 meals under £1 per head

Rustle up a classic carbonara for only £2.99 or how about fish cakes serving 4 people at £3.89. Goodtoknow.co.uk has brought together a huge 150 of their recipes in one handy round-up, that taste great, but are as cheap as…. chips, and are perfect meals for under a fiver.

Highlights include:

Netmums’ meals under £5

Netmums has listed 13 delicious recipes, all coming in under £5. Examples include leek, chorizo and goat’s cheese tortilla, turkey stir-fry and leek and lamb cobbler. Not only are they cheap, but they’re really healthy too!

Highlights include:

Food Network’s 99 budget family recipes

Fancy an Italian burger with caramelised onions, a Bedfordshire clanger or a super healthy serving of Spanish baked eggs? Feed your family for a £5 by checking out the Food Network’s 99 budget family recipes.

Highlights include:

BBC Good Food’s cheap eat recipes

As they say themselves, these recipes are low-cost, budget-friendly meals that are packed full of flavour. With 33 to choose from, you’re sure to find your family’s next favourite meal here.

Highlights include:

allrecipes’ recipes for under a fiver

allrecipes 125 list covers a mix of old classic such as mac ‘n’cheese through to the slightly more adventurous Japanese Okonomiyaki. Lots of inspiration for meals to feed your family for a fiver (or less!)

Highlights include:

The Guardian’s feasts for a fiver

These four reader submitted recipes were published as part of their dinners for under a fiver campaign, and in reaction to underwhelming professional chef submissions. Ideal budget family meals!

Highlights include:

  • Crostini with cherry vine tomatoes and basil with a rocket and parmesan salad
  • Courgette soup with garlic croutons
  • Cabbage bhajis

Fresh student living’s 5 healthy meals for under a fiver

Written originally with students in mind, these meals are a great choice for anyone to try out. No kebabs in site! Choices include, bang bang chicken, chick pea and potato curry and rainbow risotto - great recipes for under a fiver.

Start cooking!

There's lots of inspiration here to feed your family for a fiver (or less!). Find out more about how you can reduce your food bills here. Alternatively, for more money saving tips, check out our blog!

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