The Money Shop £200 Challenge

Travel doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, you can visit lots of foreign cities on a budget. Don’t believe us? We can prove it, with The Money Shop £200 challenge.

We’ve enlisted the help of some of our favourite travel bloggers. Find out if they can beat The Money Shop £200 challenge below…

Recent destinations…

Backpacks & Bunkbeds:

Where: Vilnius, Lithuania

When: 11th – 13th November 2016

How much did he spend? £155.26

Find out more about his time in Vilnius here.

Emily Luxton Travels

Where: Prague, Czech Republic

When: 11th – 13th November 2016

How much did she spend? £109.95

Find out more about her time in Prague here.

Gallop Around the Globe

Where:  Copenhagen, Denmark

When: 3rd - 5th February 2017

How much did she spend? £104.74

Find out more about her time in Copenhagen here.

Gallivant Girl

Where:  Geneva, Switzerland

When: 25th - 27th March 2017

How much did she spend? £180.60

Find out more about her time in Geneva here.

Yoko Meshi

Where: Warsaw, Poland

When: 14th - 16th April 2017

How much did she spend? £206.50

Find out more about her time in Warsaw here.

Mummy & Boo

Where: Athens, Greece

When: 29th April - 1st May 2017

How much did they spend? £199.57

Find out more about their time in Athens here.

The Money Shop £200 challenge

Are you a travel blogger with a burning desire to prove that you can holiday on a budget? Then we want to hear from you! Get in touch with us over Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tell us why you want to take on The Money Shop £200 challenge and we’ll be in touch.

Tips for taking your own £200 weekend challenge

Going on a budget city break is easy – you don’t have to be a seasoned traveller to know how to get the best deals! Here are some of our top tips on not going over that £200 budget.

  • Book your accommodation a few months in advance to get the best prices
  • Apartments may work out more cost effective, especially if you’re visiting Eastern Europe.
  • Buy in food from a local supermarket to cut down on food costs when you’re there
  • Budget your spending money – once you’ve deducted the cost of your accommodation, work out how much you have for activities, food, drink etc - this will help you to avoid overspending
  • Purchase your travel money in advance – avoid the low exchange rates at the airport! We offer over 50 different currencies all at 0% commission – find out our exchange rates here.

What about flights?

There are lots of great deals to be had on flights. We didn’t include flights in our £200, but you can certainly find flights at great prices. Here are some tips on getting good deals with bargain airlines Ryanair and EasyJet:

  • Cheaper flights tend to fly at really early or really late times; which are perfect if you’re looking to make the most of a weekend.
  • Take cabin baggage – booking luggage for the hold will cost extra, but if you’re only going away for the weekend, clever packing means you can fit everything you need into a cabin bag. Just don’t forget you can’t carry liquids over 100ml – otherwise you’ll be racking up costs in duty free!

If you’ve taken on The Money Shop £200 challenge, then we’d love to know! Tag us in your holiday snaps @themoneyshop on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and let us know if you beat the challenge.

Happy (budget) travelling!

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