Packing guide

We all relish our holidays abroad but there's nothing more annoying than cracking open your luggage in the hotel only to discover that you've forgotten to pack that all-important item. Don't want to leave home unprepared? Here's a one-stop checklist to ensure you're 100% holiday-ready.


Clothes, money, keys, documents. These are the things that every traveller needs, and luckily there are some neat ways in which you can pack every necessity while saving space in spades.

Firstly, clothes. Don't bundle and squash items in to your bag. Instead, lay out your clothes by outfit so you don't forget any important garments, and then order them by garment type. Put the heaviest articles in first – jeans, jackets, shorts, woollens – and then layer shirts and lighter pieces on top, filling in the gaps with underwear. Want to bring your entire wardrobe along? Roll up your clothes into tight bundles.

It's also a good idea to bring along pieces of clothing that can be worn multiple times without needing to be washed. Nothing makes a holiday mundane quicker than a trip to a laundrette!

Storing cash, traveller's cheques and other financial essentials securely and safely is also very important. Divide up your money between your main luggage, hand luggage and your person, and think about investing in a money belt. These look like regular belts, but you can store cash within them thanks to a zip running along the inside face of the belt.

Beach necessities

The run-up to holidays to hot and sunny climes can be so exciting that it's easy to forget all of the pool-side must-haves, but with a little forward thinking, you can be completely ready for the upcoming fun and frolics.

Make sure you've packed 100ml bottles of shampoo, sun cream and after sun in zip-lock bags so you don't have to purchase unfamiliar products abroad, and bring two pairs of sunglasses for when you inevitably discover you’ve mislaid a pair.

Also be sure to pack reading material for those lazy days spent on the sun loungers, alongside swimming apparel, towels and hats.

Adventure must-haves

Ditching the beach for an exciting adventure? Well, depending on the sports and activities you're going to be enjoying, contact the individuals or organisations that you're working with and find out what will be provided by the operator and what you will need to bring yourself. Write out a list weeks before you embark, detailing the bits and bobs you'll be required to take, and you should have all bases covered.

Pack right and you'll guard against any potential headaches, giving you more time to focus on what matters most: enjoying your well-earned time away.

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