What to do in holiday emergencies

After looking forward to your holiday for what felt like an eternity, the last thing you want to be doing during your trip is spending your time filling out police reports or visiting the local hospital. However, for lots of people each year, holidays are overshadowed by minor accidents or petty crimes during their time away.

When you find yourself in need of medical assistance or wish to report a crime while on holiday, try to remain calm as things like panic, confusion or stress could really add to the situation in a negative way. With this in mind, it's always worth having an emergency contingency plan in place before boarding any flights or arriving at your chosen destination. Hopefully you'll never need to refer to this guide during your holiday, but just in case you do, we've got you covered.


If you're in the unlucky minority who find themselves falling victim to petty crime while on holiday, it's important to know what you're going to do next. If your goods are covered in your insurance policy, they're going to need a copy of a police report before processing your claim – so be sure to head over to the local authorities no matter how tedious or painstaking this may be!

In the event of your bank cards being stolen, be sure to contact your bank as soon as possible – you'll be surprised just how quickly they can cancel any missing cards, thus saving you any potential losses.

In terms of valuable items, your passport ranks highly during any time spent in a foreign country, so if yours decides to wander into unfamiliar pockets, it's important to know the next step. Before heading to the embassy, be sure to report your passport as stolen with the local authorities first – because if you're going to get a new passport in time for the return flight home, they're going to need to see a police report. Once this has been submitted, your new documentation should be with you in next to no time (providing you're eligible) – meaning you can get back to chilling by the pool as quickly as possible.

Medical emergencies

Just as you'd rely on the NHS if you required proper medical attention in the UK, you're going to need professional care if ever you find yourself enduring an emergency overseas.

To avoid any extortionate costs associated with proper medical care, it's vital that you and your family have a solid insurance policy in place before leaving for your vacation. Most brokers will provide cover up to £2 million, including the cost of an air ambulance should you need to return home – so don't go cutting corners whatever you do.

For travellers venturing into Europe, you may want to investigate an EU Medical Card or even apply for a free European Health Insurance Card which should dramatically reduce any medical bills should you find yourself in the care of any European health service (including Iceland, Norway and Switzerland).

During any medical emergency, no matter how serious, it's important to remain calm at all times – this will help you articulate any issues to your hotel's rep or doctor as clearly as possible, which may prove to be crucial when facing a tricky language barrier. For a list of numbers to call in a medical emergency, contact your insurer as quickly as possible.  If this isn't an option, try to seek help from a member of staff or resort manager.

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