Getting holiday-ready

From the moment we book a flight or secure the perfect hotel, we immediately start looking forward to our holiday. So if you're heading away to foreign lands for your family's next big adventure, the last thing you'll need holding you back is a runny nose or sore throat.

In this handy guide, we'll look at some of things you can be doing prior to your holiday - ensuring no nasty bugs sneak their way onto the plane with you and your loved ones. So before you pack your bags, collect your money and hop in the taxi to the airport, be sure to check out these handy tips!


Whenever you see the word detox, the mind wanders straight towards images of liquid-based diets and enviable abilities of self-control, but as far as we're concerned, that shouldn't be the case when preparing for a holiday. Designed to boost your immune system as opposed to burning a ton of calories, you'll be amazed at how much good even the slightest alteration in your daily routine can bring to the table.

Replace the morning brews with a pint of water and ensure solid hydration is maintained throughout the day. When the afternoon comes, give your immune system a boost with some vitamin C before giving your whole body a solid cleanse in the evening. From small changes like eating a piece of fruit at lunchtime through to managing your daily intake of caffeine, thanks to your new detox, your body is going to be fully prepped before your big trip away!

Heat Preparation

Causing nausea, dehydration and dizziness, there's nothing worse than overheating while on holiday. So if you're not quite as fit you ought to be, or you have a history or thyroid problems, it might be worth acclimatising your body to the heat in the weeks building up to your holiday.

By spending time in a sauna or steam room, your body's thermostat will be able to adjust itself to different temperatures, so why not head down to your local gym and give it a go? Feeling sporty? By playing indoor sports like badminton or five-a-side football, the high temperatures your body reaches will place you in good stead for any hazy days spent poolside.

Take it easy

When it comes to boosting your immune system and ensuring you're fully rested before exploring foreign lands, nothing can beat a good night's kip. However, for a lot of people, it can be difficult to switch off, meaning instead of the recommended seven to nine hours of solid sleep, you can end up struggling through the day having had no sleep at all.

As passports, hotel reviews and flight documents whizz around the mind, it's no surprise that the weeks building up to your holiday can present a real dilemma when it comes to closing your eyes at night. If you find yourself struggling, it might be worth booking a few extra days off work prior to your trip, allowing you ample to time to catch up on any hours of sleep lost during the night. However, if you're still struggling to switch off as your holiday approaches, try booking an appointment with your GP before talking it through with a trained professional.

Before you go

Now you're fully detoxed, rested and acclimatised to any soaring temperatures, it's time to start running your own pre-flight checks. If you're on any medication, it's vital that you take a supply that’s going to last during your trip – so don't go forgetting any inhalers, creams or tablets whatever you do!

As well as your prescribed medications, it might also be worth taking some of the basics with you. From paracetamol and travel sickness pills through to sun cream and disinfectant, there's no telling what lies ahead – so it's always best to be prepared.

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Preparing to travel can be a stressful time! Make sure your holiday goes as smoothly as possible with our guide for getting holiday-ready!

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