What if I send money to the wrong place?

Western Union allows you to transfer funds around the world quickly and conveniently. You can make a payment in a Money Shop branch, and cash can be ready to pick up at another location within minutes.

The whole process is very secure – the person you're sending money to will need identification that matches the details you gave us when you made the transfer, so it's not as though just anyone can walk into a Western Union branch in another part of the world and collect your cash.

If you've sent funds to the wrong place, don't worry – you can return to your local Money Shop branch and we'll be happy to help you change your details. Alternatively, you can give your local branch a call if you're unable to come back in – use our store locator to find contact details.

How soon do I need to make changes?

If you've chosen to send funds directly to a bank account, and have given incorrect bank details, then you will need to make changes within 24 hours – before the money is paid into the wrong account.

If you've chosen to send cash, you can make changes to your transfer up until the money is collected. As someone needs ID that matches the information you gave to collect the money, it's very difficult for the wrong person to collect the funds – but you should still ensure you provide the correct details as quickly as possible.

What do I need to do?

Whether you pop in store or call to make changes over the phone, ensure you have your receipt and identification to hand. Our staff will verify your identity, and will then be able to make changes to your transfer.

It's not always possible to modify details – you may need to cancel the transfer, get a refund, and start the process again with the correct details.

It's always best to contact the recipient of your funds to let them know there may be a delay, as changing details or cancelling and restarting a transfer can take time.

Any other questions?