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Western Union is a simple way to send money to your friends and family, wherever in the world they may be. Western Union Money Transfer at The Money Shop makes it as easy as 1-2-3.

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We make the payment within minutes**.

Just call into your local Money Shop, tell us how much you want to send, the destination country, the details of who it's going to, and we'll take care of the rest.

Your friend or family member can pick up cash at a Western Union branch anywhere in the world within minutes**.

Don't forget your ID

Sending Money

Proof of identity is required for all transactions of £600 or more. For transactions of £2,000 or more, you will also need a proof of address (dated within three months).

Receiving Money

Proof of identity will be required for all transactions. For transactions of £2,000 or more, you will also need a proof of address (dated within three months).

Find out more about what kinds of ID you can use for Western Union transfers.

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We have over 200 stores nationwide, each offering Western Union money transfer services. Click here to find your nearest Money Shop Western Union storeCash can be transferred within minutes, or on a next-day service.

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Online money transfers

You can also transfer money online directly via Western Union. Click here to find out more about how to transfer money online.

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