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Questions about Pawnbroking

How much can I borrow?

You can borrow from as little as £5 – all you need to do is bring in the item and proof of your identity and your address. The amount you are able to borrow is based on the value of the item you pawn. 

Do I have the right to change my mind?

Yes, you have the right to withdraw from the agreement within 14 days without having to give a reason. 

How much can I expect for my items?

Our trained staff will assess your goods in a fair manner and our price will be based on purity, weight, condition and age we also lend against diamonds and high end watches.

What type or kind of gold and jewellery do you lend on?

We lend on all types of gold, silver, platinum & palladium in any condition. We also lend on diamonds, high end watches, coins and bullion.

Will you lend against personalised or damaged items?

Our loan valuation process takes into account any personal markings or damage to the item(s). Watches should be in working order. However, if they are made from precious metal or contain diamonds or gemstones then we will offer you a loan amount based on this even if the watch is not in working order. 

How do I get my goods back?

You can get your items back at any point during the contract term by simply repaying the loan amount plus any interest due. The sooner you redeem your goods the cheaper the loan is for you, as you will pay less interest. You have the right to redeem your item(s) at any point up until the items are sold.

How long is my contract for?

Your contact is for 7 months from the date you agree to the loan. 

Who qualifies for a Pawnbroking loan?

If you are 18+ and a UK resident you may be eligible for a pawnbroking loan, just come in-store and we can let you know if you are eligible. 

Do you credit check or credit score me before offering me a loan?

There is no credit check or scoring carried out for a pawnbroking loan. We will however check your identity based on the information you have given us. 

Can I make part payments towards my loan?

Yes you can and we would encourage you to do this whenever you can as it may make your loan cheaper for you! You can make payments at any time during the loan term.