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Questions about Continuous Payment Authority (CPA)

What is CPA?

A continuous payment authority, (“CPA”), is a type of recurring payment, similar to a Direct Debit where you give permission for a company to take future payment(s) using your debit card details. Please remember that if your debit card details change, you need to contact us as this may impact our ability to collect any due payment.

How is CPA used?

We will use CPA by automatically debiting your instalment payments when they become due using the debit card details you have provided. We will make up to two attempts to collect the full amount due. We may contact you prior to your payment becoming due. We won’t use CPA more than twice to try and collect an instalment and we won’t apply for part-payment unless you instruct us to do so.

If our payment attempts are unsuccessful, we will attempt to contact you to find out why your payment has failed. If there are two failed CPA attempts on your account we will not attempt to collect a further payment using CPA until we have spoken to you and you have agreed for further payments to be made using this method of payment.

How do I cancel CPA?

You can cancel your CPA at any time using any of the methods below;

1. Cancelling CPA via email

Please send an email to with a subject title of “Cancel Continuous Payment Authority”.
Within the email, please quote the following to help us identify your account;

• your loan agreement reference
• your name and date of birth
• your postcode

Please be aware it will take at least 24 hours to process this instruction so if you have a repayment scheduled within the next day or two you should call us.

2. Cancelling CPA over the telephone

You can cancel CPA by calling us using the below details;
1. Loan obtained through a store
0800 316 1414

2. Loan obtained through our website
0800 009 3565

3. Cancelling by contacting your bank

You can also cancel CPA by contacting your bank. If you do so please ensure you pass on your loan agreement reference to them to help us identify your account. Please note this can take several days as your bank will need to take your instruction and then inform us.

Remember, if you do cancel your CPA you must arrange for another way to pay us. Alternative methods of repayment include;
1. Standing Order/Bank Transfer
2. By Calling us
3. Cash in our Store