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Questions about ChequeCashing

How does cheque cashing work?

If you have a cheque made payabe to you just bring it into one of our stores along with your ID. We will then register your details on our system and payout the cash less our commission charges.

What happens if my cheque bounces after you have paid me the cash?

You are liable to repay the funds if the cheque fails to clear in our bank account.    

Can you cash my cheque even though it is made payable to me?

Yes we can cash cheques that are made payable to you.      

Will I get the cash straight away?

We pay out instantly and in full on 99% of the cheques that we cash. However, in some circumstances it may be necessary to wait until the cheque has cleared before the full amount is paid out. 

Can I come in and cash a cheque made payable to somebody else?

No. We can only cash cheques made payable to you.

I have a cheque made jointly payable to myself and my partner, can you cash it?

Yes, we can cash cheques made payable to more than one person but both people need to be present and both must satisfy our ID requirements.

Can I cash a cheque made payable to my business?

If you are a sole trader and can provide documentary proof of this then we can cash cheques made payable to your business. We cannot cash cheques made payable to LTD, PLC or LLP businesses. For more information please contact your local store.

I currently have a debt with the Money Shop but I have a cheque to cash can you help me?

We may still be able to help you. Please speak to your local store for more information.

Can you cash foreign currency cheques or cheques not in Sterling?

Yes we can cash cheques that are in currencies other than Sterling. Take it to your local store with your ID and any paperwork that came with the cheque and we will be able to let you know if we can cash it for you.

Can I cash a personal cheque at The Money Shop?

Yes we cash personal cheques that are made payable to you, provided our ID requirements are met. However, we cannot accept a cheque if it is given to you by someone who lives at the same address.