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Please note:

  1. All personal cheques cashed at a rate of 12% and therefore willl be different to the amount quoted
  2. Rates may vary slightly depending on store

How tax rebate cheque cashing works

Come in and visit us

Come in with the tax rebate cheque you would like to cash, along with your ID (see below for ID requirements).

Get your cash

If our requirements are met, we will cash your cheque; and you could receive your money straight away, minus a percentage of the cheque and a small handling fee (on cheques £51 or over)

If you have received a tax rebate cheque, bring it in to your local The Money Shop store. Once we have verified your cheque, you will walk out with the cash there and then. We cash 95% of cheques in-store in minutes.

Cash a tax rebate cheque

You can cash your tax rebate cheque at any of our 230+ stores across the UK. Click here to find your nearest store

Although a bank won’t charge fees to cash a cheque, it can take up to six days before you are able to withdraw the money.

At The Money Shop, once we have verified the cheque, depending on the amount we could give you the money there and then.

Reduced rate of 3.99%

If you haven’t tried our cheque cashing services before; and you have a cheque for over £100, you can cash it at a reduced rate of just 3.99%** Simply download the voucher below, print it off and bring it in-store.

Click the image below to download your voucher:

ID requirements

To cash further cheques we ask that your bring proof of identity and proof of address. We accept the following…

Proof of address (dated within 3 months)

  • Utility bill (water, gas, electric)
  • Landline phone bill
  • Bank statement
  • Insurance letter
  • HMRC letter
  • Solicitor's letter
  • Government/council issued letter or bill
  • NHS issued letter
  • Pay slip

Proof of ID

  • Passport
  • Driving licence
  • Firearms licence
  • Armed forces card
  • Inland revenue card
  • Hackney taxi ID
  • Home immigration papers (including a photo)
  • National ID card (for non UK nationals)
  • Police warrant card
  • Disability badge
  • SIA licence
  • Northern Ireland voters card

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