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Wedding anniversaries are always fun to celebrate. Once you've made a marriage commitment, it's nice to be able to celebrate your day year after year. However, when you factor in other occasions like birthdays and Christmas, knowing what to gift your partner with is definitely a tricky decision, especially if you're watching the pennies!

Traditionally, each anniversary has its own theme - but don’t panic, the early years aren't all about gold and diamonds! In fact, years one through to five have rather more humble roots - and here you'll find our favourite thematic gifts to suit the occasion.

The first anniversary

Your first anniversary is one of the most special! While many opt for experience-led gifts like expensive city breaks, there's definitely something longer lasting that can be bought and treasured under the theme for this first year - paper.

If the definition of a good gift is something that you wouldn't buy for yourself, then a good, solid coffee table book that perfectly relates to your partner’s interests could be a great idea - from style and fashion to photography, or even just general interest, there are some beautiful publications out there to explore.

If not a book, then perhaps something for the home? From intricate, hand-folded origami decorations to a personalised paper cut art piece, there is plenty of sentimental fun to be had with paper that doesn't need to cost the earth.

The second anniversary

Though perhaps a harder theme to fulfil in a sentimental way, cotton is the material of choice for the second anniversary. But before you pick up a new pack of socks, take a look at these suggestions.

Take yourselves on a shopping day and have fun picking out a new outfit for each other - to wear to a fancy evening dinner, of course!

Though personalised t-shirts, tea towels and aprons are a popular choice for this anniversary, why not make the gift that bit more personal and have a go at creating something cotton-based yourself?

The art of screen printing is a method that's growing in popularity, and gives you the freedom to create unique designs - so consider looking for workshops you could attend together in your area.

The third anniversary

Proper, sturdy leather will last you for years - and there are some great (and affordable) ways to gift something special to your partner.

Leather bracelets are always a welcome gift - especially when you consider that you can easily find lovely options that aren't just for women. Leather bracelet options are great for men and women alike, and you can even look into personalised elements too.

Another fail-safe when it comes to leather gifts is a new purse or wallet. Avoid something run-of-the-mill, and instead opt for something that's made with a little love - your partner is sure to appreciate the craftsmanship and time that's gone into making something unique (even if that time isn't your own!). Etsy is a great starting place for finding unique items.

The fourth anniversary

This particular anniversary is an easy one to satisfy for women - but when it comes to buying for man, it's not hard to see why many struggle to find something appropriate under the theme of flowers!

Let's face it, those buying for women have this category sorted - but for those buying for men, you have to get a little more creative. Perhaps, instead of a bunch of tulips for your man, opt for some beer brewed from flowers (that definitely counts in our eyes).

Our options open up if we stretch the term flowers to anything botanical. Now, you're able to take a look at some nice and natural shower gels, aftershaves and moisturisers for your man - even more of a treat if they're organic.

The fifth anniversary

An apt progression from the first year of paper before we round off this guide, the fifth year of togetherness is celebrated in wood!

While many use this as the perfect opportunity to spruce up the home with some new furniture (and why not?!), it's also important to remember what an achievement the date is, and that's worth celebrating with something a little more sentimental.

Wooden jewellery is a unique way to show someone you love them - sites like Etsy have a brilliant range of items from talented makers - or you could even be brave and have a go yourself!

Memory boxes are also a good way to ensure you're able to preserve knickknacks from your past, too - and there's plenty of guidance on how to properly create one online.

Putting one together could be as much fun as seeing your partner open it, and delve through everything you've saved over the years!

Don't worry if you're not a collector at heart though - you could always gift one with the promise to fill it full of memories in the years to come.

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Remember, do not buy what you can’t afford, and think carefully before taking out a loan for any non-essential purchases.

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