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If you're looking to help boost your work life, or want to take on board ways of thinking that'll allow you to boost yourself financially and professionally; then keep on reading. We’ve rounded up the most useful abilities you can have to build your professional and personal life. Find out more here.

Career skills

Given the nature of the constantly changing economy and job market, some skills are simply worth more than others, and becoming an expert in them is highly likely to pay dividends in terms of higher salaries and career prospects. With a little time and effort, you can build upon these skills to get you ahead of the rest.

Big data

Companies everywhere are cottoning on to the idea that they can better understand their customers and operations by employing the use of large amounts of data.

Tracking customer journeys through websites, seeing how they relate to the services and products on offer or, in the case of companies with large, mobile workforces, understanding their movements better, businesses can become slicker and more efficient. Being able to analyse all of this data is a very valuable skill and one that puts those who have it head and shoulders above the rest.


As well as being able to aptly negotiate a higher salary, good negotiators are prized in contract talks, management positions and more. Negotiations are almost always conducted by people high up in companies, so if this is a skill you can ace, with the knowledge to back it up, you're likely to rise up the ranks.

Breakthrough tech

If you hadn't already noticed, digital technology is incredibly important to most businesses these days. As consumer technology advances ever further, and customers become savvier , the best companies want to be at the crest of the technological wave.

Those that have a good knowledge of the tech market, know how to code, are able to administrate networks or guard systems from unscrupulous hackers are all perfectly positioned to make the most of companies wanting new tech.


Want to rise up the ranks and improve your worth within a company? Learn how to strategise. This incredibly useful skill allows you to make decisions based on future expectations and goals, instead of merely working from job to job. If you have an aptitude for it, you could  boost your professional and personal financial situation.


In some regards, financial officers are the most important people in a company. While work can be won, deals can be struck and staff members can be mentored, if the business' cash supply is mismanaged or runs dry, everyone suffers.

Being able to understand how a company's past and present financial fortunes translate into the future allows businesses to grow the right way, and people who can do just that are usually paid handsomely.

General skills

While the above are more geared towards professional dealings, there are many other skills you can pick up that will help you in everyday life as well, both in terms of relationships with others and personal financial management.

Clever articulation

Being able to let other people know what you mean is one of the most important skills a person can have, and helps in literally every situation, from talking through financial products with your bank manager to ensuring the people that mean the most to you understand what you're going through.

Personal discipline

If you want to save up for that particular thing, boost your health by hitting the gym or study hard to pass a big exam, you need to be able to turn off the impulse to go and do something else. A well-developed sense of self-discipline will ensure that you're able to do these things without giving up half way through, thereby allowing you to attain the goals you want.

True charisma

Charismatic individuals are able to easily gel with others and command the room – by far a skill that can lead to success, whatever path taken. People with charisma are able to talk to any and every person and get them on their side, inspiring confidence and trust in kind. They do this by showing optimism, confidence, interest and intelligence – a cocktail of positive traits that lend themselves to leadership.

Correct confrontation

It's inevitable that each and every one of us will have to confront issues in our lives, whether it's when we need to talk to someone about a negative thing they're doing, argue our point or sort out some other form of conflict, but managing these moments in itself, is an important skill.

If you enter into every thorny situation with your defences up, voice raised, eyes widened and mind focused on the worst possible outcome, you're going to receive a similar response from your soon-to-be sparring partner. If you're able to approach situations calmly and constructively, you'll have the upper hand in all sorts of predicaments.

Sound organisation

Being able to organise your time and the things you fill it with is very important, and totally transferable. This is obviously a big bonus professionally, but also in terms of managing your personal finances, home, family life – everything, really.

While all skills are suited to something, the above are 99% certain to give your life a shot in the arm. Never forget, though, that it's usually our individualisms that guarantee success! For more articles on lifestyle and money saving tips, head over to our blog!

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