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Every week we fill you in with the latest news & money saving tips to enjoy life on a budget!

Looking good doesn’t have to be expensive  – here's everything you ever needed to know about getting high fashion on a budget.

City centre snatch-ups

The golden rule when buying clothes inexpensively is to not buy them as soon as they come out. By getting hold of your clothes from high-street and online stores during January, March, throughout summer (starting on the May Bank Holiday) and during November and December (beginning on Black Friday), you can capitalise on the hefty discount periods.

As you can see, sales are held regularly throughout the year, so it pays to hold on to your hard-earned cash until the next round of discounts rolls around, so you can get your high fashion for less.

All about online

You know it, we know it: the internet is the place to find the hottest, cheapest clothes by far. Online sites such as Asos, Matalan and TKMaxx are a goldmine for people who don't mind wearing last season's styles, but those who want the newest styles have cause to celebrate too, especially when using Asos or the cheap yet chic Forever 21.

The sale and clearance sections of these websites are the best places to find fine wardrobe fixtures for the smallest amount of cash. Taking note of the time periods in the above section will let you snap up the best deals when they come about, although most fashion sites operate a constantly-rolling clearance section, meaning you can make the most of getting high fashion on a budget all year round!

That's forgetting places such as Depop, Etsy and letgo, of course. These websites and their accompanying apps let people from all across the world sell their wares, and each has a wide-ranging fashion offering that can easily be taken advantage of. Here you'll find a mix of both expensive and budget items, so don't feel discouraged if your feed is blanketed by £100-plus pieces. Don't worry – those affordable high fashion finds are out there!

Then there are online heavyweights such as eBay, Vinted, Oxfam, Clothes Shack, Preloved – there really is an enormous number of clothes out there to fill your wardrobe with!

Second-hand doesn't need to be a dirty term – yes, it's a piece of clothing that's had a few prior trips out of the closet, but all used fashions worth their salt are washed and fixed up thoroughly before they make their way to your cupboards and drawers.

Vintage bliss

Vintage fashions can certainly be found online, but since these clothes come from a variety of eras, in a number of styles and in all kinds of cuts, from both a money and time-saving standpoint it makes sense to try the clothes on before you buy.

Thankfully, Britain's high streets are bursting with stores offering cheap vintage fashions. To find one near you, simply click here and zoom in on your particular neck of the woods, or alternatively take a stroll through your local area – most charity shops have a vintage clothing section, and you might be surprised by the high fashion you find.

If you're new to an area, ask café and bar workers, and others that work in independent businesses, where they get their threads – you're bound to find a gem, and maybe make a new friend too!

Give old clothes new life

Just because your top has a hole in it or your jeans have adopted an unwelcome habit of not fitting you, doesn't mean that you have to throw your fashions in the bin. Upcycling clothes is a great cost-saving measure, and it's a fun skill to learn too (just ask your grandma!).

With a tape measure, needle, thread and a little skill, you can turn jumpers into mittens, jeans into purses, t-shirts into skirts and shirts into fashionable dresses that are truly one-of-a-kind. For lots of ideas, check out this list of 600 upcycling projects from Jembellish, or this list of ideas from List Inspired. To improve your handicraft skills, loveyourclothes.co.uk has everything you need to know.

Clothes don't have to cost a bomb, and with the tips and tricks above, you can get high fashion on a budget, whilst freeing up cash to spend on the things that matter to you.

Find out more money saving tips on our blog.

Remember, do not buy what you can’t afford, and think carefully before taking out a loan for any non-essential purchases.

All information was correct at the time of writing.

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