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It’s never too late or early to start making healthier choices when it comes to your diet and lifestyle.

It’s no secret that a healthy lifestyle is a combination of a good diet and regular exercise. Are you wondering what changes are best to make to your lifestyle? Check out these easy ways to maintain a healthier life.

When it comes to exercise; don’t just think the gym is the only option. To stick to your exercise plan, you need to enjoy it. These alternative fitness exercises could be just the motivation you need.

Looking to spend as little as possible? Getting fit for free is easy – and what could be better than exercising without spending a single penny?

So now we’ve got exercise covered, it’s time to sort out the diet! From healthy alternatives for your favourite foods, to cheap and nutritious meals the whole family can enjoy; these vloggers have just the thing.

Mind Over Munch

Mind over Munch

Forget about fad diets and calorie counting. Alyssia at Mind over Munch shows how you can create healthier versions of your favourite foods, without compromising on the flavour.

From quick and easy Bento Boxes (the perfect healthy lunch!), to one hour weekly meal preps and budget recipes; her YouTube channel is a source of inspiration for every meal of the day.

Want more recipes? Check out her blog.

Domestic Geek

The Domestic Geek

Sara at The Domestic Geek posts new recipes every Monday and Thursday. With such a variety of meal options to pick from, it’s unlikely you’ll ever get bored of trying out new recipes.

Most of her videos also show multiple ways of preparing ingredients, meaning there’s always something different for you to try.

The Domestic Geek has different playlists for healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas; in addition to snack and smoothie ideas to help keep you full, and avoid reaching for sugary foods.

Fab Lunch

Fab Lunch

Are you stuck in the office from 9am-5pm? Whilst it can be tempting to head out to the nearest shop at lunch for convenience food, or visit the local coffee shop for a caffeine boost; this is not good news for your diet.

However, just by switching your lunches to something nutritious can help you on your way to maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Fab Lunch is a channel dedicated to quick and easy lunch ideas that are tasty and nutritious. Recipes can easily be prepped in the morning (or even the night before); and you’ll find a variety of salads, soups and much more to choose from.

Our favourite section has to be the guilt-free desserts – because sometimes, you just can’t resist something sweet; and now we don’t have any reason to feel bad about it!

Green Kitchen Stories

Green Kitchen Stories is a YouTube channel and blog that focuses on simple, delicious vegetarian meals consisting of only natural ingredients that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Spinach crepes, butternut, kale and feta quiche and apple and almond muffins are just some of their most popular video recipes. You can also find inspiration in the form of an array of colourful smoothies, designed to help you enjoy switching to a healthier diet.

Their website is definitely worth checking out – not just for the additional recipes, but for the seriously amazing photography too!

My Fussy Eater

My Fussy Eater

If you’ve got a family, it’s so much easier (not to mention cheaper!) if you all eat the same meal.

Got a fussy eater in the family? Don’t let it stop you in your quest for a healthier lifestyle!  Ciara Attwell at My Fussy Eater shows her tried-and-tested child friendly meals for all the family.

Veggie pizza roll-ups and one pot spaghetti carbonara are featured as easy family meals to make; and she also shows how to create a variety of breakfast and lunch recipes that are both nutritious and healthy, but quick to make.

She even has a section on her channel dedicated to snacks for kids – that’s the whole family sorted!

The key to healthy eating is to not deny yourself of certain food groups or treats; as it only means you’ll want it more, and end up binging (which isn’t healthy at all!).

Eat in moderation so you can truly enjoy what you’re having, whilst maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Want more healthy recipes? Here are 420 recipes that will feed your family for under a fiver! Alternatively for more money saving tips and tricks, check out our blog.

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